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Luggage and cycle parking
Transportation of luggage from start to finish is included in the entry fee.
It is your responsibility to tag your luggage and hand it in to the truck labelled with your wave. The trucks are on the big parking area (Sømoen) north of Birkenhallen, Rena. Tags are included in your race packet. In the event of heavy rain, you will be given plastic bags to keep your luggage dry.

You will receive your luggage north of Kristins Hall (at the finish) in Lillehammer.

The organizers accept no liability for loss of baggage.

Cycle parking                                                                                                     

Free cycle parking is available in the finish area. The parking is in a closed of area, and your cycle is insured against theft while in the parking area. The parking area is open until 21.00 The owner of the cycle is identified by start number, and to retrieve your cycle from the area, you must bring your start card, Birken-app, your wrist tag or luggage tag.

Cycle wash                                                                                                       

Cycle wash is available after crossing the finish line.

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