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Food and drink stations Birkebeinerrittet

There are food and drinks served at food stations along the course, and at the finish area.

Place Distance Serves
Start   Refill water and Maxim sports drink
Skramstadsetra 13 Maxim sportsdrink and water
Bringbu 26 Maxim sportsdrink, water, bananas, traditional pastry, refill water
Kvarstad 44 Maxim sportsdrink, water, bananas, traditional pastry, GILDE smoked ham, refill water. For all participants that would lik to sit down and have an extra break, there will be barbecues and sausages for self service.
Rosinbakken 54 Raisins
Elgåsen 65 Maxim sportsdrink, water, Coca Cola, bananas, traditional pastry, refill water
Finish 86 Water, bananas, warm Toro soup, GILDE sausage, Maarud crisps

The food stations are all organized with bananas, pastry, Enervit sports drink and water served in that order. Refill of water is available on the end table.

The trail separates in two "lanes" before entering the food station arean. Keep to the left if you want to continue the race, without stopping for food and drinks..

If you need special food due to allergies, we strongly recommend that you bring your own food.

Keep Birken clean

Littering along the route is not allowed. Please mark your trash and bring it to the nearest food station or use the drop zones along the course. You may win our anti littering prize.

Max time limit

Participants that have not reached Kvarstad (50 km) by 17.00 and Elgåsen (65km) by 18.30 will for safety reasons be stopped and aken out of the race. We expect all participants to finish by 20.30

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