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Elite classes Birkebeinerrittet

Information and special rules for the Elite Classes

Entrants in the elite classes and/or junior elite classes must hold a valid licence issued by a National Federation affiliated to the UCI, which must be presented on registration. If the licence cannot be used as identification, the participant must show another type of identification.

Elite garment

Participants in the elite classes must wear garment approved by their team, and the NCF. UCI teams may use their official cycle garment.

Age division
Senior elite: Age minimum 19 years old by 31.12.2018
Junior elite: Age 17 or 18 years old by 31.12.2018

Qualification for the elite classes 2017 - information regarding 2018 will be published later on

  • Women elite senior and junior
  • Men elite senior and junior

Starting time
Women elite and women junior elite August 25. at 09:20
Men elite and men junior elite August 25. at 15:30

The course
The course is appr. 86 km - Course Map
Towards the finish area Men elite senior and junior will use a special Elite course - information regarding this special course will be given in August

Technical assistance/feed zones
Feed zones are placed close to the ordinary food and drinking stations. Skramstadsetra, Bringbusetra, Kvarstad and Elgåsen. They are marked with signs – "start feeding zone" and "end feeding zone".

Technical assistance during a race is permitted subject to the conditions below. Technical assistance shall only be given in the feed/technical assistance zones. Authorized technical assistance during a race consists of the repair or the replacement of any part of the bicycle other than the frame.

Bike changes are not permitted and the rider must cross the finishing line with the same handlebar number plate that he had at the start. Spare equipment and tools for repairs must be kept within the technical assistance zones. Repairs and equipment changes can be carried out by the competitor himself, or with the help of a team-mate or team mechanic within the technical assistance zones. Outside the zones technical assistance is only permitted between competitors in the same team.

Competitors may carry tools and spare parts provided that these do not involve any danger to themselves or the other competitors.

Backpack 3,5 kg
All competitors mus carry a backpack weighing at least 3,5 kg. The backpack must be visible, and can not be worn underneath clothing or bib.
For safety reasons the pack must contain: Find details in the  Race Rules

Distribution of bibs and race packets

Your race packet includes two start numbers. The one that includes your time chip must be fastened on your handle bars according to instructions, the other must be fastened on your backpack. In addition a timing chip for your helmet is distributed at Rena town square Saturday August 26th. You will receive important information from the judge. If you are wearing a GPS-tracking device, these will also be distributed here.

• Women elite / Women elite jr. 08:00-09:00
• Men elite / men elite jr. 14:00-15:00

Please note: If you are not wearing a timing chip, your results will not be registered.

Prizes for the elite classes

Award ceremony on stage outside of Håkons Hall
Women elite / Women elite Jr. 13:00
Men elite / Men elite Jr. 19:00

Results and the Birkebeiner medal
Participants in the elite classes will get results in both elite classes, and their age classes.
Exceptions: Participants in M45 and older, and W55 and older, will only receive results in elite classes.
Results in the elite classes do not affect the time limit for receiving the Birken medal. Participants in these classes will gain the medal if their results are within the time limit set by de top 5 participants in each age class.

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