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All entrants completing the race will receive a specially designed participation
pin. Prize sermony for the three best competitors in each class will be held outside of Håkons Hall.

For the precious Birkebeinerrittet pin there is a time limit based on the average
time of the top 5 cyclists plus 25%, worked out separately for each class.

All prizes and diplomas must be obtained inside Håkons Hall Saturday.

Participated 10 and 20 years
All entrants that has participated 10 and 20 years in Birkebeinerrittet and/or FredagsBirken cycle recieves a gourmet plate from Hadeland Glassverk. Stop by the race office in Håkons Hall to recieve your plate.

Prizes elite classes

Birkebeiner of the year/Super Birkebeiner - The Birkebeiner Triple
Participants completing the ski race Birkebeinerrennet, the mountain bike race Birkebeinerrittet, and the cross country running race Birkebeinerløpet in one year will be awarded the title "Birkebeiner of the year", and those who finish within the 25% time limit in all three events will be a "Superbirkebeiner".

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