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Seeding Birkebeinerrittet

Dynamic seeding
Competitors will be seeded in waves according to results obtained in previous Birkebeinerrittet races or in races sanctioned for qualification.The fastest competitors will start first. Our intention is that all competitors should start in a wave where they qualitatively belong and thus compete with their equals.
The seeding will change regularly until the second/third week in August. After this date the information regarding wave and start time will be final. All participants must log in to My Page, and print/download their starting card, which holds all information about wave, starting time, accommodation etc. You need to bring this card to retrieve your bib.

Allocation of wave 2018
Waves will be allocated on the basis of results in Birkebeinerrittet/FredagsBirken sykkel 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014 or 2013 or from races sanctioned for qualification in 2018 - will be published in February 2018.

Start togehter ?
It you want to start together with friends or family we can offer this in one of the un-seeded waves. Please send a message stating names and Birken ID's to [email protected]

Elite classes
Note that there are special rules for qualification for the Elite classes

For participants outside of Norway,
results from other races will also be assessed for qualification. Such results must be from 2018. If you want to reseed due to results from other races please send an e-mail including your Birken ID and link for the results to: [email protected]  as early as possible, but by August 6th at the latest.

If you want seeding from one of the qualifiaction races in Norway you must enter your Birken ID number when you register for one of these.
Participants with no confirmed qualification will be placed into the unseeded waves.

All re-seeding must be submitted by August 21th at 12.00 pm

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