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Time keeping Birkebeinerrittet

Your result is registered in the chip on the back of your start number. Time keeping starts when crossing the start mat. There are four intermediate placings during the race.

The start number must be worn visible throughout the race.

Mat start                                                                                                                    Start time is registered in the chip as you cross the start mat.
NOTE: For the elite classes, waves 1-4, and wave 22 - the start time is registered  by start shot.

Intermediate split time is registered at  Skramstadsetra (13,4 km) , Bringebusætra (27,2 km) , Kvarstad (49,7 km) and Storåsen (69,9 km).

Unofficial max times during the race
A board informing of the estimated max times for gaining the Birkebeiner medal,  in the different classes, can be found at the Kvarstad foodstation.

These are unofficial times, and there might be changes during the race.

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