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Travel/parking Rena

Travelling by car to Rena
There are two possible routes from Elverum to Rena:

  • RV 3 from Elverum to Rena. Lorries and busses are recommended to choose this road. Due to roadwork currently being done on this road, it might take longer then the usuall 30 minutes.
  • FV 535 on the east side of the river Glomma. Passenger cars are recommended to use this road. It is the easiest access to the parking areas at Rena.

We advise all participants to arrive early, about 1,5 hours prior to their start. Please use public transport if possible.

Parking for campers
There are parking available for campers next to Rena Motell. Parking without electricity costs NOK 120,- for one night, if you need electricity the cost are NOK 200,-  No reservation of spots are available.

Rena center
The following trafical changes are effective from Thursday August 24.  at 00.00 to Saturday August 26. at 17.00

  • Tollef Kildesgate is a pedestrian area only from the junction in Torggata to the junction in Brugata.
  • No traffic allowed by Kiwi Saturday from 06.00 - 16.00.
  • Jernbanegata is closed from the north side of the parking area behind Wahl shopping centre.
  • Trudvanggata is closed from the junction to Torggata.
  • The pedestrian bridge crossing the river Glomma is opened for one way trafic from the east.
  • Trudvanggata is only open for one way trafic to the south.

In addition the following changes will be effective:

  • Koppangveien is closed Friday from 08.00 to10.30 and Saturday from 07.00 to 16.00
  • The parking area behind Wahl shopping centre is transformed to a bus station Friday and Saturday
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