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Program race weekend

Thursday August 24.  
Lillehammer Håkons Hall
15.00-21.00  Sport 1 market
Friday August 25.  
Rena  Åmot kulturhus, center of Rena
10.00-22.00  Distribution of BIB, Åmot Kulturhus
10.00-22.00  Sport 1 market, Rena main square
17.00-21.00 Birken show from stage every hour, Rena main square
19.00 Birken tips. Advice and discussion on stage with Phillip Tavell and others
19.30 and 20.30 Cycle show in the center of Rena
Lillehammer Håkons Hall
10.00-21.00  Distribution of bibs and race packets
10.00-21.00  Race Office - late entry all races
10.00-21.00  Sport 1 market
10.00-21.00  Cycle market
Saturday August 26.  
06.00-14.30 Distribution of bibs, Åmot Kulturhus
06.00-13.00  Sport 1 market, Rena town square
08.00-15.30  Start Birkebeinerrittet, Tollef Kildesgate
09.20 Start, women elite
11.30 - 12.15 Start childerns bike race in the center of Rena
15.30  Start, men elite
Øyer Pellestova
09.00-09.25 Start UltraBirken
12.00-12.30 Start HalvBirken
Lillehammer Håkons Hall
06.45-20.00  Distribution of bibs for UltraBirken, HalvBirken, BarneBirken cycle and UngdomsBirken cycle
06.45-20.00  Sport 1 market
07.00-20.00  Cycle market
Approx. 10.45 First participant in Birkebeinerrittet expected at finish line
Approx. 13.10 First participant in HalvBirken expected at finish line
Approx. 12.20 Women elite expected at finish line
Approx. 13.30 First participant in UltraBirken expected at finish line
Approx. 18.15 Men elite expected at finish line
All day Award ceremonies Birkebeinerrittet, UltraBirken, HalvBirken and the Birkebeiner Triple
20.00 Prize seremony for Men and Women Elite ( Jr. and Sr. ) and party in the center of Lillehammer
NRK 1 (TV station)
15.50-18.30 NRK1 covers Birkebeinerrittet directly. Also available on web TV.
  From 20.00 severeal bars in Elvegata is open, and ready for participants celebrating their big achievement. Night club at Brenneriet. 
Sunday August 27.  
Håkons Hall
UngdomsBirken (Youth race)  
08.30-11.00 Distribution of BIBs
10.00-11.15 Start UngdomsBirken cycle, age 12-16
Approx. 10.30 First participants UngdomsBirken cycle expected at finish line
Appox. 12.00 Award ceremony for the top three in UngdomsBirken cycle and UngdomsBirken Triple.
BarneBirken (childrens race)  
11.30-12.30 Distribution of BIB 
12.30-13.30 Start BarneBirken ages 0-11
12.30-14.30 Activities for children
10.00-15.00 Prizes, diplomas, lost and found, truble desk
10.00-15.00 Sport 1 market
10.00-15.00 Cycle market
NRK 1 (TV station)  
20.05-20.35 From Birkebeinerrittet 2017

In addition to the official program we have arranged music and entertainment several places during the trail.

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