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Race rules MTB races

The race is run according to the UCI's MTB rules and NCF's laws and regulations. Participants must comply with instructions given by the organizers. Max time limits are set.
Note additional rules for:

General traffic regulations and road signs must be observed. Please pay attention to the environment, the public and co-racers. Parts of the route will be closed for ordinary traffic,and supporter vehicles are not permitted.

The bib must be fastened to the handlebar according to instructions. Participants in the age classes may use the service stations.

For safety reason, it is not allowed to use MP3 player/earplugs etc.
A certified helmet is compulsory.

All bikes used in any terrain competition, should have only propulsion by human power. It is forbidden to use tires with metal screws or spikes. The bikes must be equipped with wheels of equal diameter, front and rear, no larger than 29 inches. It is prohibited to install equipment for time trial (ITT), road races or any kind of modification.

All participants, regardless of class, must carry a 3,5 kilo backpack during the entire race, until crossing the finish line. The backpack must be visible, and can not be worn underneath clothing or bib.

For safety reasons the pack must contain

  • wind-/water resistant jacket and pants
  • Gloves
  • Hat or buff headwear
  • Extra food
  • Tools and hose kit

We recommend that you bring dry underwear and socks.

Participants who has not got the requierd contents in their backpack before start, will not bee allowed to start until this is provided. If the participants have to put on a lot of the clothing/equipment throughout the race, due to bad weather conditions, the organizer will judge this with a common sense regarding the weight of the backpack.

Packs will be checked. Participants not complying with these requirements will be disqualified or given a time penalty.

Littering along the route is not allowed. Please bring your own litter to the nearest food station or use the drop zones along the course. Littering along the course can be penalized with 15 minutes added to your time.

All participants 13-79 years old needs a lisence/ insurance. License/ insurance.

Violating the rules
Participants violating the rules will be disqualified. The organizers reserve the right to stop late racers from completing the race.You may not start using another person's entry/bib. Doing so will lead to disqualification.

Against race conditions: 15 minutes after the last competitor has crossed the finish line.
Against the list of results: 30 minutes after the list and results have been published.
The complaint must be submitted in writing with a fee of NOK 300 at the Race Office in Håkons Hall.

In the case of cancellation in advance of event day, the organiser may retain 50% of the entry fee to cover expenses.

In the case of a decision by the organisers to move the event to another site on the same day, to cancel the event and then organise the event on a later date, or to move the event to another site on a different date: persons who are registered to participate on the original date but do not start on the new date are not entitled to a refund of any part of the entry fee.

In the case of cancellation on event day due to weather/climatic conditions or other "force majeure", then the organiser will retain the entire entry fee.

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