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Race rules Birken Skifestival

Race rules
The Norwegian Ski Federations rules and regulations for cross-country competitions apply throughout Birken Skifestival. The races in Birken ski festival are all nordic classic, free technique is only allowed in the classes M/F free technique in FredagsBirken ski. 

Maximum pole length
Please find information regarding the new rule about maximum pole length at fis-ski.com       
The BIB must be visible at all times during the race. It is forbidden to wear another participants BIB. Identification must be provided in case of random control.  All participants must carry a backpack, weighing at least 3,5 kg,( 7.7 lbs), throughout the race.  The time chip must be fastened on your left ankle. The time chip must be delivered to the organizer after the race ( also if you do not start, or do not fnish the race). Not doing so will give an extra fee of NOK 300,-

For your safety it is not allowd to use any form of audio during the race. 

There is no refund for any reason. If you are unable to participate, you may sell your spot using our re-registration form.

Participants not abiding by these rules, may be disqualified.

Backpack (not mandatory for Ingalåmi or StafettBirken (relay))
All participants must carry a backpack weighing at least 3,5 kg throughout the race (bum bag is not allowed).
The backpack must be carried on your back during the entire race. Random controls of weight and content in the backpack, will be performed. Participants must make sure the backpack has the required weight when crossing the finish line.

For safety reasons the backpack must contain:

  • Wind proofed jacket and pants (long sleeved)
  • Dry and warm underwear
  • Headwear/hat
  • Buff/headover/balaclava
  • Gloves/mittens.

We strongly recommend that all skiers also bring food, drink and ski wax. Please check the weather forecast, and take necessary safety precautions. 

Participants will be disqualified, or given penalty time:

  • if they do not carry a backpack
  • if the backpack is to light crossing the finish line
  • if the backpack is not properly equipped.
  • if the bib is not visible at all times during the race

Littering along the course is not allowed. Please bring your own litter to the nearest food station or use the drop zones along the course. Littering can be penalized with 15 minutes added to your time.

Any protest must be in writing, and a fee of Norwegian kroner 300,- must be paid when handing in the protest. Deliver the protest directly in the race office in Håkons Hall.
The protest must be handed in immediately:
1. Protest against conditions during the race: 30 minuts after crossing the finish line.
2. Protest against results: 30 minuts after results being published.

Weather conditions
If the jury decides that the weather conditions makes the race too dangerous to attend, Birken holds the right to cancel or postpone the event at short notice.

Cancellation (according to the rules and regulations of the Norwegian Ski Federation)
In the event of a cancellation prior to the day of the event, the organizer are entitled to keep 50% of the start fee to cover costs.

If the event must be relocated to a different arena on the same date, or moved to another date, there is no refund of the start fee. 

In the unlikely event of an event being cancelled on the day of the event due to sudden changes in the weather conditions or other "force majeure", the organizer will keep the start fee.

Transportation, accommodation costs etc will not be refunded in the case of illness, or  if Birken must cancel the event.

Photographers are documenting all our events. These photos may appear in adds and other commerial products. If you do not wish to be portrayed, please contact the Birken office prior to the event you are participating in.


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