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29.04.2014 08:23 - oppdatert 28.08.2016 14:24 Birkebeinerløpet

Join us on June 10. 2017, for the half marathon, starting from Birkebeineren Ski stadium.

Birkebeinerløpet is our half marathon mountain run, and was introduced as a part of Birken in 1998 with 1442 participants.

It is our smallest event, but is gaining a steady, and growing, base of participants.

The terrain, the length of the trail, and the trail profile - makes the mountain run an equal partner to both Birkebeinerrennet and Birkebeinerrittet.  Birkebeinerløpet is organized in the same way as Birkebeinerrennet and Birkebeinerrittet, with the same classes, prizes, max times (...) The only difference is that participants in the mountain run does not need to use the otherwise mandatory backpack. 

Birkebeinerløpet is 21 km long, with both start and finish line at Lillehammer. The start is at Birkebeineren Ski stadium and the finish is by Håkons Hall.

More than 10.000 participants joins us during the mountain run weekend. This counting all participants in all of our mountain run events, Birkebeinerløpet (21km), HalvBirken (12 km), UltraBirken (61 km), Birken mountain run (42 km), UngdomsBirken (4,5 km, for youths only) and Barnas Birkebeinerløp (0,6-1,4 km, for children only).

With the introduction of Birkebeinerløpet, we also introduced The Birken Triple. A special prize for those participating in all three events during the same calendar year. This only applies to the main event, Birkebeinerrennet/FredagsBirken ski, Birkebeinerrittet/FredagsBirken cycle and Birkebeinerløpet.

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