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Birkebeinerrittet takes place August 29th 2015, with 17.000 participants. The course is 92 km long and passes through impressive mountain, forrest and valley settings from the village of Rena to the Olympic city of Lillehammer. - See more at:

Birkebeinerrittet August 27. 2018
The course of 86 km passes through forrest, mountain and valleys from the village of Rena to the city of Lillehammer.

The idea of adding a cycle race to the Birken events, first arouse in 1991. Three inspired men, Morten Østli, Snorre Moen and Tor Fredriksen, went searching for a suitable trail across the mountains - and started what today is one of the worlds larges mountain races.

Birkebeinerrittet premiered on September 11. 1993, and had a total of 1327 contestants. Like in Birkebeinerrennet, all contestants must wear the 3.5 kg packpack symbolizing the child king saved by the original Birkebeinere in year 1205.

Today the race weekend in August brings about 13.000 participants together, to participate in one of the 6 races to choose from, ranging from the childrens race,  HalvBirken cycle 41 km to the especially challenging Ultra race: UltraBirken cycle 120 km.

Trail                                                                                                                              Today the trail is 86 km long, starting in the centre of the town Rena - then takes you west across the mountains, before ending up in the finish area by Håkons Hall, Lillehammer. The trail takes you through a variety of terrain, starting at 260 masl. The highest top is at 860 masl. Be prepared for both forrest trails, gravel roads and mountain terrain.

Read more about Birkebeinerrittet, and sign up here.  

Morten Østli, Snorre Moen og Tor Fredriksen

Please read the race rules, and be sure to pack your backpack with the mandatory items.

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