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20.10.2017 09:35 - oppdatert 23.10.2017 10:49

Record in numbers of foreign competitors

The number of foreign competitors in Birkebeinerrennet is growing and we are anticipating a new record for Birkebeinerrennet 2018 and it’s 80th anniversary.

- It seems that competitors outside of Norway finally has discovered Birken for real.  The Germans, especially, where the number already tripled compared with 2017, says Jean Francois Gehin.
 In Birkebeinerrennet 2017, 1593 foreigners entered.

Long term hard work equals results
To work in the foreign market over time has proven results
- We have been working long term in the foreign markets, especially in Europe. Gehin has been traveling all around in Europe advertising for Birken for the last three years. This work seems finally to pay off.

We believe that how participants value the fact that Birken is one of few races that only have natural snow from start to finish and. Organized in march, when winter is at its best, the race offers world class tracks due to exceptional stable cold climate and traditionally a meter of snow. At the same time, tourism in all of Norway are increasing.

Birkebeinerrennet is a unique experience. The 54 km, classic technic, race crosses two mountains, and the track takes you through breath taking sceneries and lot of spectators throughout the course.
In addition, Birken now also offers a skate race the day before Birkebeinerrennet: FredagsBirken ski F/C – in the exact same course as the main race on Saturday.
Birken has beautiful sceneries and holds on to the historic Norwegian culture enjoying outdoors sports with friends and family, bringing their backpacks for a nice picnic.

Entry for all Birken races in 2018 are open: Enter here

Percentage of foreign participants in Birkebeinerrennet

2013       7%
2014       9%
2015       11%
2016       15%
2017       19%

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