Prizes Elite classes
Prize ceremony for the top three male and female contestants immediately after finish at Birkebeineren Ski Stadium. Other ceremonies is inside Håkons Hall at 13.00.

Sprint prizes for both men and women

Skramstadsætra: Subaru
Raudfjellet: Ski Classics
Kvarstad: Sport 1
Midtfjellet: Ski Classics / Ultimate Nordic
Sjusjøen: SpareBank 1 Gudbrandsdal

Each sprint prize has a value of NOK 3000,-

Money prizes for the winners in Men and Women Elite

1.plass: NOK 70.000,-
2.plass: NOK 40.000,-
3.plass: NOK 20.000,-
4.plass: NOK 10.000,-
5.plass: NOK 6.000,-
6.plass: NOK 4.000,-

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